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zaterdag 1 oktober 2011

my lessons for getting a boat license have started and about my raft

After a week of toiling for the money, I did my first lesson this morning for getting a license to navigating the waterways. And although my plans and schemes met with a diverse range of reactions, going from enthousiastic to utter scepticism, I did get a name that I intend to follow up: "Swake Plastiek". Sounds promising to me as to how to make a raft.

Perhaps now is a good time to start describing what I intend to have for raft...
I want a raft that I can push with my little boat, to have more room. I intend to make two flots and connect them wtih a wide platform so that I have stability. (the raft can of course always be towed as well behind, but that limits my manouvrability) The name for the raft will be Lazy Susan, for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it just sounds great! In the platform there will be a folding caravan that can be put up to sleep people in as much comfort as possible. There will be of coarse a BBQ and a fridge on it, bare necessities for survival. I would like to cover lazy Susan in fake grass. People ask me why not real grass. Well, because it is a boat and every square inch will be walked upon  so much that it would be a floating mud field instead of a floating park. I have planned may other features on my beautifull Susan, some of which will be realised, some of which will never see the day of light.

Now, doesn 't Swake Plastiek sound like a man who will be able to help me out with constructing Lazy Susan?

On a sidenote, the surprise I was going to tell today didn 't go through. I was going to see for a folding camper van today, but the dude, Juan, didn 't have time today, so perhaps next week! I really would have wanted to say: look at Lazy Susan 's beautifull heart. From tomorrow to friday I will be grovelling for money again, but hopefully next weekend I can show a picture of the campervan. Juan told me it can sleep 7, is in good condition and he would ask about €400, which is dirt cheap. I just hope it isn't too big. I don 't want to be wider than 3 meters so I can use all locks, some of which will be as narrow as just over 3 meters. I want to avoid using the locks for professional barges whenever possible. I also want to be able to transport Susan by land if necessary without being a "special convoy"

I hope my scribblings make sense but with practice comes skill I am told, so communicating my musings, plans, dreams, events etc. will become clearer over time. It could also be you just understand me more over time by learning "me" instead of my scribblings being written better, over time. But does that matter?

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