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zondag 9 oktober 2011


What do I have to do and how will I do it? How will I keep structure in the turmoil of ideas in my head?
I will use money and time as my guidelines to crystalise the ideas for the trip.

Time: I hope to leave by april 2012 and don 't plan a date for returning. I guess the trip will be made over a period of 6 to 12 months.

Money: Since I don 't have any money yet, this guideline will prove to impose more restrictions.

So ... I will work untill I drop to raise enough money by april. Then during the trip I will have to have some kind of "income" since I don 't know how long it will take, so it is completely impossible to save for everything in advance.

I will try to write this list according to priority, so that first things that need to be gotten/done will be gotten/done first.

I need a boating licence, because that will definitely be checked in Germany and probably along some borders as well. The lessons are about €120 and the exam costs an additional €70.

My boat needs a registration number, that involves some paperwork but should cost only about €65 if I am not mistaken.

I need a mariphone, which is a radiophone especially for ships. This is obligated by law and also because the locks are hailed by marifool. The problem here is that you can not just buy one. You need to pass an exam for it first. And after that exam you get some number and this you need to buy a mariphone. What is wrong with a normal cellular phone people? I have no clue what this will cost.

My boat needs a full overhaul, this will cost: "expensive" (I don't know)

The raft needs lots of money as well. (Again I don ' t know how much) I want to shape 2 isimo hulls, coat them and polyester them, they need metal protection on the bottom polyesterd in the hull so i can "beach" the raft, it will have a folding carvan, a fake grass deck, a bbq and kitchen, a springboard, a pirate flag, ....

anything else? Aaah, fuel...

So if I count the total sum needed, it is, euhm, a lot? So I started working as much as I can and accept (almost) all kinds of jobs and errands that give me an extra buck.

I will try to organise wafelenbak, a departure festival, sell T-shirts, try to get sponsoring perhaps, ... just any idea is welcome to raise funds for the trip.

During the trip I will accomodate guests, friends and travellers for €25 a night, including a hot meal. This will help me in the cost for the fuel and food during the trip. I can also sell waterskilessons etc during the trip where ever this is allowed. Perhaps I can also sell pancakes during the trip?? There are many ideas. And perhaps most will not get me a lot of money, at least it will be fun trying it out. One of my goofier ideas is to install a bathtub on the raft and sell hot baths for, €10? I would have to heat water with gas or moor and heat it over a fire or something, but then... You can take a bath, floating in the middle of the Danube, between castles and mountains! I picture myself already :-) I hope I can post a photo later on from me in a hot bath with a panorama surrounding me that knocks your breath away!

I need all the free advice I can get people! I need your practical and crazy ideas both!

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